The Largest Manufacturer of Homoeopathic Medicine in Bangladesh
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Our desire always to provide our customers with quality products with modern dosage forms & presentation. To implement this we adopt new technologies and improving facilities accordingly.
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Quality Policy :

Our aim is to earn customers entire satisfaction by delivering quality products through ever improving Processes as per standard.

Our objective is to earn excellence by fostering everlasting bond among the organization, machine, man, and advanced technology.

Our aim is to transform our human resources into corporate capital ensuring required training and quality system for continual improrement of competency.

Our slogan : Customer looks for quality and we care for it.

Quality Control:
Our quality control department is fully equipped with instruments and facilities to meet our requirement and are manned by qualified and experienced personnel .The quality of the products are checked and tested both in process and before release for delivery to market. We maintain post marketing surveillance to measure the satisfaction level of our customer about the quality of our products & the services as well.
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