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Production Process
Homoeopathic Tincture :

Maxfair follows the manufacturing procedure of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeis of United States (HPUS) & Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (HPI), wherever applicable. The amount of herbs & menstrum (Ethyl Alcohol and or purified water are used to maintain the uniform drug strength of the tincture as mentioned in the respective monograph of the relevent pharmacopoeia.
This a method of extracting active constituents from the herbs (plants & zoological sources).

The substances (Botanical or zoological) are macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol, in pharma grade stainless steel containers.

After completion of maceration (in some cases Percolation is required), it is subjected to hydraulic press for separation of tincture to optimum label from the residual herbs. The tincture so obtained is further filtered to obtained clear solution (tincture).

The presentation is 450 ml & 100 ml in amber glass bottles.

The filtered solution are kept in quarantine in a cool & dark place and release for sales after the quality being passed by the Q.C department with proper label & packaging.

The soluble chemical and mineral substances are dissolved in water or alcohol or in solution of both and then filtered. The filtrate is collected as mother selution are stock.


Hydraulic pressing & Filteration
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