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In Bangladesh more than 100,000 Homoeopath are practicisig homoeopathy. Every year about 1000 Doctors obtained Diploma & Graduation in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery from 36 Homoeopathic Medical College.

The representatives of Maxfair visiting the doctors for product promotion & sales. They details on new products with existing client (Doctor/Retailer/Whole Seller) and introduce it to new clients with promotional material & sample. They interact with the physicians with product quality & feed it back to company for further improvement of product quality & service. The company organize seminar in their area & the key person present paper. Products and displayed and discussed on the efficacy on sucess of homoeopathy.

Maxfair also exposes the recent scientific development in homoeopathy to the practitioners in abroad specially in Europe & India. Also share experiences gathered in international seminars & fairs by the management. We also expose the knowledge & experience through article published in the local souvenirs in celebration of Hahnemman's birth anniversary in every April and other occassion.

Dr. Reza-ur-Rahim delivering speech in a Scientific
Seminar at the 250th Aniversary of Dr. Hahnemann
Guests & Participant of Scientific Seminar- Homoeopathic
Pharmaceutical Technology Organized by Bangladesh
Homoeopathic Medicine in 2006 Manufacturers Association
Visit to Colombo Fair-2007 a Bangladeshi
delegation Headed by Dr. S.A.M. Reza-ur Rahim,
Managing Director of Maxfir & com. Ltd. (2nd from left).
Certificate Award Ceremony of GMP Training
(sponsored by WHO) by the Director, Drug
Administration in 2006
Dr. S.A.M. Reza-ur Rahim Participates as Technical
Expert in Homoeopathic Pharmacy (Shown in extreme left)
Annual Sales Conference of Maxfair 2007  
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